Ninth Stop: Panther

Continue along Tug Fork on CR-1 to a bridge on the right.  Cross the bridge on CR-1 to the village of Panther.  In the vicinity of Panther (probably at the mouth of Shortpole Creek, just upstream of Panther along      CR-1/10) the pack train encamped on March 7.

An interesting side trip to Panther State Forest can be taken along CR-3, CR-3/1, and CR-3/2.  Many of the trails in this forest traverse magnificent groves of cove hardwoods towering over rock overhangs, and rapidly flowing brooks, reminiscent of the days when panthers preyed upon deer and elk in the region by leaping from steep laurel-coverts onto their preys’ backs. 

Panther State Forest

Travel south from the ninth stop on the Sandy Creek Expedition to visit Panther State Forest. For more information on the forest and Wildlife Management Area, visit: